Solaris at Automating Production for Novel Foods 2023

Graphic for “Automating Production for Novel Foods" Webinar

Solaris Biotech at the “Automating Production for Novel Foods" Webinar

Solaris Biotech spoke at the protein production event in a panel discussion webinar “Automating Production for Novel Foods" with Hamilton Process Analytics.

The November 29th event focused on how automation solutions are playing a role in helping the novel food's industry to reduce costs and to allow for closer price parity and therefore greater consumer adoption.

The panel discussion was composed of companies collaborating with each other along the value chain to address the challenges faced in the production of novel foods. The expert panel included Hamilton Process Analytics (main sponsor of event) with its sensors that are integrated into the technologies of Solaris Biotech.

Advancing Automation

Automation has revolutionized many industries by streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing human intervention. It has also revolutionized food manufacturing by optimizing processes, ensuring food safety and quality, increasing productivity, and enabling greater flexibility to meet evolving consumer demands.

These advancements have led to a more efficient, innovative, and responsive food manufacturing industry.

As you would expect, automation plays a huge role in the production of novel foods, including plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-enabled proteins, streamlining processes and ensuring efficiency and consistency.

About the Webinar Participants

Solaris’ product portfolio ranges from bench top systems for R&D to pilot and commercial-scale manufacturing systems.

Then, there was Umami Bioworks, a Solaris customer whose mission is to accelerate the discovery and industrialization of novel cell cultivation inputs and processes with ALKEMYST, its machine learning-based optimization platform.

And finally, The Cultivated B is a multinational team of scientists developing and applying breakthrough technologies in cell ag, precision fermentation and advanced bioreactor technology to enable scalable commercialization of the cellular agriculture industry.

The webinar focused on many topics: from the specific parameters and variables of Solaris’ Leonardo software to the scale-up abilities of Solaris’ product portfolio, to the challenges to consider when we introduce automation into our processes.

Solaris Biotech Thanks The Participants

Once again, Solaris Biotech would like to thank Hamilton Process Analytics for this amazing second edition of our webinar together, Dhiraj Singh, Ph.D., Head of R&D at Umami Bioworks and Solaris’ client, Lakshmikanth Mannadi, Head of APAC - Bioprocessing Equipment from Solaris Biotech, Ali Nikdel, PhD, Director of Innovation at The Cultivated B and Yavuz Celik, Product Manager and Aniekan Esenam, Strategic Business Development Manager from Hamilton Company.

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