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Carbocode Turns To Solaris To Scale Up Glycosphingolipid Production

Human sphingolipids are uniquely human and critical to children’s growth and development, skin health, and brain functioning. Under normal and healthy circumstances, they are in balanced abundance throughout our body. When they are unbalanced or exhausted in the human body, health problems arise.

To address these health problems, Carbocode brought together biotechnology and chemistry to identify and develop the necessary sphingolipids... and produce them at scale!

The manufacturing processes include biocatalysis, fermentation, protein and metabolic and chemical engineering, and related scientific breakthroughs. Together, they have enabled many classes of human sphingolipids to be produced. And now... at industrial scale.

Carbocode started with the Solaris Jupiter and is relying on Solaris to scale up. Check out their F.A.T.!