Pilot and Industrial Scale Bioreactors and Fermentation Solutions

Pilot Scale Bioreactors and Fermentation Solutions

The M-Series is Solaris's pilot scale-up fermentor / bioreactor platform.

Industrial Scale Bioreactors and Fermentation Solutions

The I-Series is Solaris's industrial / production scale fermentor and bioreactor platform.

Our project approach entails careful consideration of each requirement and parameter in order to ease difficulties associated with scaling up. Solaris's expertise enables I-Series products to be customizable, flexible, and compact.

We have extensive experience in cGMP applications where validation and supporting documentation are as important as the large scale systems themselves. Full documentation packages are available and specified per each application's regulatory agencies.

Recent Industrial Scale Fermenter Installation

Solaris installed a beautiful 27,000 L large scale fermentor for a large-scale food processor in the USA in 2019.

Frequently Asked Question(s): 

What types of industrial bioreactors are available?

- Stirred tank reactor
- SIP reactor
- CIP reactor
- Airlift reactor

Solaris provides multiple-use industrial scale bioreactors for microbial / algae / fungi fermentations AND cells cultivations. Pilot and industrial fermentor / bioreactors are fully suitable for sterilization-in-place (SIP) and cleaning-in-place (CIP).

Industrial process systems are stirred and are provided with motors (either mechanical or magnetic agitation) with impellers for media homogenization. Stirring can be performed also through airlift technique (which relies on air bubbles to aerate and carry the media around the tank for mixing at the same time).

What size is an industrial scale bioreactor?

Solaris’ pilot scale fermentor / bioreactors are available from 5 L up to 250 liters total volume.

Solaris’s industrial scale fermentor / bioreactors are available from 300 L up to 30,000 liters total volume (and optionally more.)

What are the difficulties of scaling up a bioreactor?

The main goal of a bioreactor scale up is to reproduce the optimized conditions of laboratory scale in a pilot / industrial scale. This may lead to challenges, therefore it is important to choose the most important process variable.

The constant operating variables are:

  • Power dissipated per unit volume
  • volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient (kLa)
  • Impeller tip speed
  • Oxygen transfer rate
  • Oxygen concentration

What types of industrial fermentation can be achieved?

  • Bacterial fermentation
  • Cells cultivation
  • Lactic acid fermentation
  • Ethanol fermentation
  • Aerobic fermentation
  • Anaerobic fermentation
  • Batch fermentation
  • Fed-batch fermentation
  • Continuous fermentation
  • Solid state fermentation

What is large scale fermentation?

Large scale fermentation is used to create massive quantities of biomass to be used as raw material for the creation of high value products in many different applications such as antibiotics, active ingredients, bio-preservatives, flavors, bio-pesticides, biopolymers, biofuels, and many MANY more.