Benchtop Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

benchtop TFF system

Kronos is Solaris' benchtop, standalone, fully automatic Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system. Kronos offers up to 0.5 m2 total filtration area & utilizes state of the art components.

Kronos can be configured to meet many process requirements applicable in a wide range of applications including batch and fed batch ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration processes.

Article: Why Use Tangential Flow Filtration?

Kronos is a perfect tool for product development and/or small scale production. The system presents an industrial design on a very compact benchtop platform. This allows a more accurate & continuous transition to scale-up systems, aiding in better understanding of TMP-Flux optimization.

The Galileo controlling software also offers a Process Development Module that automatically generates TMP vs. Flux curves from the sequencing of user defined TMP & feed flow rate set points, bringing further automation to optimization studies.

Product Details


Benefits of Kronos compact TFF systems

  • Fully configurable automation platform enabling customizable automatic process sequences.
  • Product Development Module software.
  • Automated NWP testing & filter history tracking.
  • 200 cm^2 - 0.5 m^2 cassette area range, 140 cm^2 - .4 m^2 hollow fiber area range.
  • User defined filter manufacturer, built to any cassette type.
  • Removable 2L vessel design.
  • Industrial flow rate & pressure sensors.
  • Automated valves.
  • Digital vessel and permeate pH & Conductivity sensor management utilizing Hamilton ARC Modbus communication.
  • UV sensor integration available.
  • Load cell vessel level control or available adjustable level sensor.
  • 3 Inlets standard, additional optional, supplied with WM peristaltic pump.
  • Vessel agitation.
  • Cooling control utilizing removable and cleanable thermoregulation water jacket.
  • 4-Piston low pulsation compact Quattroflow re-circulation pump.
  • System pressure capacity = 6 Bar.
  • Optional permeate pressure flow control pump, & pressure sensor.
  • Small foot print to maximize spatial efficiency.
  • Remote access possible via PC/tablet/smartphone.

User-friendly Software

Solaris' Galileo Tangential Flow Filtration control software offers a simply laid out, yet powerful platform for experimental design planning and process control. The graphical user interface enables the intuitive selection & adjustment of control functions.

Galileo Tangential Flow Filtration control software

Extracted data is compatible with Windows Excel, but in addition, Solaris offers a platform where fermentation data can be easily exported in real time & thus managed. This software is included in supply and can be installed on an unlimited number of the client’s PC or laptops.

Features include:

  • Workflow page offers 3 fully configurable phases - conditioning, process, & post-process, that can sequence fully automatically.
  • Synoptic page with manual-automatic operation toggle of available components.
  • Continuous real-time multiple trends page with touch note taking capability & dynamic zooming.
  • Automated NWP testing & filter history tracking management.
  • Process Development Module that generates TMP vs. Flux curves based from the sequencing of user defined TMP & feed flow rate setpoints.
  • Calibration page for sensor & pump management.
  • Touch Screen PC HMI with easy USB data extraction.
  • Remote control capable.
  • Process recipe saving & loading.
  • Multi-level password protection.