Leda Sampling System

Bioreactor Accessory

Leda is the innovative sterile sampling system for Solaris’ autoclavable fermenters/bioreactors, which allows up to 180 sterile samplings per batch.

  • LEDA single use sterile sampling system enables up to 180 sterile samples per run.
  • The sterile combination of a syringe (3, 5 or 10 ml) and a non-return valve guarantees sterility after sampling until next use.
  • The needle-free connector is designed to reduce the risk of contamination during sampling.
Technical specifications
Material VALOX resin (external) silicone (internal)
Autoclavable 121-133°C (up to 30 minutes)
Residual volume 0.04 mL
Flow rate 65 mL/minute

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