Solaris S-Series fully customizable fermentor & bioreactor skids

Fully customizable fermentor & bioreactor skids.

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Solaris Jupiter Single & Parallel Autoclavable Fermentors and Bioreactors

Single & Parallel Autoclavable Fermentors and Bioreactors

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Genesis Bioreactor

Standard Sterilizable In Place Benchtop Solutions

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Solaris IO bench-top R&D fermenter / bioreactor.

Bench-top R&D fermenter / bioreactor.

Black Box single-use bioreactor / fermentor

Single-use biotech solution.

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Solaris Biotech USA - Bioreactors, Fermentors, Bioprocessing Equipment

Fermentation and Cell Culture Solutions for Any Scale

Solaris is a manufacturer of bioprocessing equipment specializing in bioreactors / fermentors, Tangential Flow Filtration systems, process tanks, CIP/SIP systems, ancillary equipment, and much more. Products and capabilities are available for virtually every scale and tailored for the demands associated with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and dairy industries.

Scalability: Lab / benchtop, Pilot Plant, and Industrial Scale

A major advantage of utilizing Solaris for fermentation and cell culture applications is scalability. Benchtop platforms start at 200 ml total volume, and on the industrial scale we have designed systems up to 100,000 L. Virtually every volume between is possible which enables easier transition when scaling up or scaling down by utilizing similar controlling software strategies, vessel configurations, inside engineering and support teams, etc.

Flexibility: Full scale range of bioreactors and fermentors plus clean in place, TFF, and more

Solaris entertains customized projects - both in terms of customizing existing product configurations and "design from scratch" applications. On the benchtop, we offer a full range of autoclavable photobioreactors and CIP/SIP systems as well as an extensive customizable rigid wall single use bioreactor platforms. Scaling up, we offer "standard" systems as well as "blank-slate" platforms where equipment can be tailored to exact engineered specifications.

User Friendly

Solaris is continuously pushing the envelope in vessel and system design in order to simplify user-equipment interaction. In conjunction, our software is designed to be powerful yet easy to navigate. The result? Innovative products designed for maximizing efficiency.