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Solaris Biotech | Lab Scale bioreactors and fermenting solutions
Solaris Biotech | Industrial scale bioreactors and fermenting solutions

Solaris for the Lab

Solaris ​benchtop fermentor / bioreactors provide efficient platforms for research and development applications. Lab scale systems are conceived to be extremely flexible and scalable using the very same powerful and intuitive​ automation and software​. Benefits include compact and user-friendly designs, parallel software platform, up-to-date and open communication protocols, and more.

Solaris also offers compact benchtop​ Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems for the lab.

Pilot Plant and Industrial Scale

Solaris’ ​pilot and industrial fermentor / bioreactors offer completely customizable, cGMP certifiable and highly automated solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs. Volumes range from 5 L up to 30,000 L and beyond. Different types of finishing, agitation, thermoregulation loops and SIP/CIP configurations are available with a wide range of measurement and control options. The units can also be equipped with​ ​ancillary process equipment​​ (such as process tanks) and​ ​customizable TFF systems.

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Flexible line of bioreactors and fermentors

Flexibility for virtually any use case!

  • Full range of benchtop + single-use bioreactors.
  • Integrated tangential flow filtration.
  • Standard + blank-slate platforms for scaling up.
  • Custom tailored pilot + industrial applications.

Scale Up Bioreactors

Solaris Is Ideal for Scaling Up

  • Benchtop (200 ML - 20 L)
  • Pilot Plant (30 L - 200 L)
  • Industrial Scale (up to 100,000 L + beyond)
  • and virtually every volume in between.