Solaris Biotech USA: Bioreactors. Fermentors. Processing Equipment.

Cell Culture + Fermentation Solutions for

Lab Scale

Benchtop Bioreactors + Fermentors are flexible and user-friendly for life sciences product development.

Solaris provides a full range of glass vessels, stainless steel, and photobioreactors ranging 200 ML to 10 L.

lab scale

Pilot Plant

pilot plant

Designed to simplify the scaling up process.

Pilot Plant Bioreactor Systems
Standard and custom series range 30 L to 200 L.

Industrial Scale

industrial scale

Large scale fermentation and bioprocessing solutions.

Standard and custom industrial fermentors from 20,000 L to beyond!

Flexible line of bioreactors and fermentors

Flexibility for virtually any use case!

  • Full range of benchtop + single-use bioreactors.
  • Integrated tangential flow filtration.
  • Standard + blank-slate platforms for scaling up.
  • Custom tailored pilot + industrial applications.

Scale Up Bioreactors

Solaris Is Ideal for Scaling Up

  • Benchtop (200 ML - 20 L)
  • Pilot Plant (30 L - 200 L)
  • Industrial Scale (up to 100,000 L + beyond)
  • and virtually every volume in between.