Solaris Biotech USA: Bioreactors. Fermentors. Processing Equipment.

Cell Culture + Fermentation Solutions for

Lab Scale

Benchtop Bioreactors + Fermentors are flexible and user-friendly for life sciences product development.

Solaris provides a full range of glass vessels, stainless steel, photobioreactors, and single use ranging 200 ML to 10 L.

lab scale

Pilot Plant

pilot plant

Designed to simplify the scaling up process.

Pilot Plant 2
Standard and custom series range 30 L to 200 L.

Industrial Scale

industrial scale

Large scale fermentation and bioprocessing solutions.

Standard and custom industrial fermentors from 20,000 L to beyond!

Solaris Biotech USA

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fermentation process plant

Fermentation + Bioprocessing

Solaris is a manufacturer of bioprocessing equipment specializing in bioreactors / fermentors, Tangential Flow Filtration systems, process tanks, CIP/SIP systems, ancillary equipment, and much more. Products and capabilities are available for virtually every scale and tailored for the demands associated with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and dairy industries.

Bioreactor Showroom

Scalability for Fermentation and Cell Culture Applications

A major advantage of utilizing Solaris is scalability. Lab scale (benchtop) platforms start at 200 ml total volume and for industrial scale we have designed systems up to 100,000 L. Virtually every volume between is possible which enables easier transition when scaling up or scaling down by: utilizing similar controlling software strategies, vessel configurations, inside engineering and support teams, and more!

CIP 100

Flexibility for virtually any use case!

Solaris entertains customized projects - both in terms of customizing existing product configurations and "design from scratch" applications.

User friendly lab scale bioreactors

User Friendly Hardware and Software

Solaris is continuously pushing the envelope in vessel and system design in order to simplify user-equipment interaction. In conjunction, our software is designed to be powerful yet easy to navigate. The result? Innovative products designed for maximizing efficiency.

Maintenance, calibration, support services for bioreactors, fermentors, lab equipment, processing equipment, etc.

Solaris Maintenance and Support

  • Preventative maintenance & calibration packages for all systems provided.
  • All PM/calibration is performed by Solaris factory trained technicians, powered by A&P Calibration.
  • Please contact us regarding our yearly, bi-yearly, multi-year or "on-call" services and packages!
  • Solaris offers system installation capabilities for new & relocated equipment. Our highly trained technicians & engineers will mobilize to the location of installation to perform &/or supervise installation.