Pilot & Industrial Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Tytan - Pilot Plant and Industrial Tangential Flow Filtration

TYTAN is Solaris’ completely customizable pilot / industrial scale Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system based on micro-filtration and ultra-filtration techniques and operating at low pressure ranges (1-5 bar).

Starting from the clients’ URS, Solaris manufactures tailored TFF solutions, to be applied to the recovery and separation of biotechnological products in downstream operations.

With TYTAN, customers can opt for custom-designed vessels with smart sensor technology integrated for optimal process workflow.

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TFF Configuration Options

Based on specific process / product needs, TFF configuration can integrate several different membrane types including:

  • spiral wound
  • hollow fiber (polymeric)
  • cassettes (polymeric)
  • tubular (ceramic)
Solaris Tytan | Industrial Scale Tangential Flow Filtration

Filtration Membranes

Our filtration specialists are always ready to suggest the best membrane in terms of materials, geometrical configuration and operative parameters, in order to:

  • concentrate at the best efficiency.
  • avoid gel layer problem.
  • optimize the cost/profit ratio.
  • minimize scale up cost.

* The systems are fully suitable for inline CIP and compliant to the most current GMP regulations, and to PED standards.

** The measurement and control system is based on a SCADA supervisory Lab View, SFC-10, connected to a PLC.