Process Equipment

Aside from bioreactors, Solaris has extensive capacity within other process systems including SIP/CIP systems, multiple types of process tanks, etc. Also explore our TFF Systems & Turnkey tabs on the menu to explore more Solaris capabilities.

We also provide a multitude of components including tank fittings, sanitary valves, etc. On the smaller scale, we offer innovative SU products including ridged pre-sterilized & configurable vessels, & other cutting edge single use products. Also explore more components/ancillary systems in Bioreactor & Fermenter Accessories under Fermenters/Bioreactors.

Frequently Asked Question(s): 

What are the stages of bioprocessing?

Bioprocessing can be divided into two main stages: upstream downstream. The upstream stage begins with the preparation of the culture media and preinoculum (going to the end of the fermentation) once the desidered product or cell biomass is obtained. The downstream stage leads to obtaining the final product, the many steps which could involve filtration, centrifugation, cell disruption, distillation, etc.