Jupiter Pressurized

Pressure Control Autoclavable R&D Fermentors / Bioreactors

Pressure Control Benchtop Lab Scale Fermentor | Small scale pressure control fermentors.

In addition to control parameters available in standard benchtop systems, the Jupiter Pressurized platform offers the additional capability of pressure control. Jupiter Pressurized is available in a 2.0 L total volume platform.

In many fermentation product development cycles, over pressurization control is enabled only at pilot plant scales. Utilizing pressure control at the benchtop scale allows this parameter to be studied and better optimized, aiding considerations to gas mass transfer management when scaling up.

Venus greatly adds efficiency to the appropriate product development application.

Product Details

Compact benchtop pressurized lab-scale fermentor / fermenter / bioreactor.

Jupiter Pressurized Autoclavable R&D Fermentors / Bioreactors Benefits Include:

  • Innovative vessel design utilizing a removable autoclavable working vessel/head plate within a static water jacket / thermoregulation well.
  • Available parameter of over-pressure; controllable to 2 bar(g).
  • Digital online DO, pH, conductivity, &/or ORP sensor management utilizing Hamilton ARC Modbus communication.
  • Flexible head plate design.
  • Innovative water-jacket thermoregulation system.
  • Peristaltic pump options for feed, pH control, etc.
  • Up to 5 mass flow controllers within PCS cube.
  • Powerful & accurate agitation utilizing brushless DC motor with a 1 to 2,000 RPM range. Agitation power consumption available in software.
  • Cell density: OD or VCD/permittivity probe integration available.
  • Other parameters available including weight, CO2, etc.
  • Powerful & Intuitive Leonardo Software to control up to 24 units in parallel.
  • Flexible options for data export & management.
  • Remote control access available via PC, tablet and/or smartphone.
  • Fermentation or cell culture configurations available.