Fully customizable fermentor & bioreactor skids

S-Series Fully customizable fermentor and bioreactor skids

The customizable Solaris S-Series in essence offers a blank slate to our end users' engineers and scientists. Solaris' engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with end users in order to ensure all skid, vessel, transfer, control, communication, etc. systems are designed and manufactured to work seamlessly upon installation.

Volume: 5 to 200 L

Product Details


Benefits and Options with S-Series Fully Customizable Industrial Scale Fermentor and Bioreactor Systems:

  • Completely open possibilities for design.
  • Full capabilities of engineering, manufacturing, & integrating systems around the fermenter.
  • Flexibility & willingness to customize ancillary systems to fermentation & cell culture systems including: CIP/SIP systems; innoculum & media addition systems; harvest filtration & holding tank systems; kill/deactivation systems; etc.
  • All capabilities found within our fermenter & bioreactor, process, filtration, etc. offerings are available.