CULTIVATING THE FUTURE - The world of cultivated meat and the bioreactors

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Sow science, reap culture.

The food of the future and its production processes were among the main themes yesterday at the eight edition of the Mantua Science Seminar, the scientific festival that enlivens the city of Mantua.

"A survey conducted a year ago reveals that 70% of respondents do not know what cultured meat is, even though there are numerous companies worldwide already working in the alternative protein sector. Many of you have already bought and eaten foods from alternative proteins, such as the famous soy burgers or strips" explains Giulia Casarini who spoke at the meeting.

The event filled the entire room “Sala delle Capriate” with students, teachers, professors, researchers, journalists, and an audience of the curious eager to listen and learn more about what the "new foods of the future" are, about the production processes and the challenges and critical issues encountered. It was an animated seminar, with a pleasant and instructive debate at the end of the conference between the audience and Giulia.

The questions ranged from nutritional content equal to that of traditional meat, to challenges in the Italian territory, to questions about the production process.

"It is a possible future, a potential alternative to meat from intensive farming," asserts Casarini.

A Great Success for Solaris

The ongoing needs in the field of food require an increasingly keen interest in initiating research into foods that use alternative production techniques, such as bioreactors.

"With the new law, however, scientific research is halted," concludes Riccardo Governi, president of Alkémica, promoter of MantovaScienza.

"An opportunity to growth and learning. We are pleased to have been invited by Mantua Science and thank to Confindustria Mantova for the contribution. We’re also thank to our colleagues Jaclyn Simon, Antonio Castagna, studio RPR, Gazzetta di Mantova, La Voce di Mantova, and all the journalists, researchers, professors, and students who came to visit us" exhorts Camilla Gobbi, Marketing and Communications Specialist for Solaris Biotech.

For those who missed it, please view the embedded video at the top of this page.

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