Fueling Tomorrow's Innovators: Solaris Biotech's First Open Day

Graphic for Solaris Biotech's First Open Day

Solaris invites university students from Verona to explore the world of biotechnology with an Open Day

Porto Mantovano, February, 2024 – Solaris Biotech by Donaldson recently hosted its first Open Day dedicated to university students, giving them the opportunity to explore the world of biotechnology up close at their headquarters at Via V. Bachelet, 58 and 89, in Porto Mantovano (MN).

Fueling Tomorrow's Innovators: Solaris Biotech's First Open Day✨

Founded in 2002, Solaris Biotech by Donaldson has established itself as a leader in the biotech sector, specializing in the production of innovative solutions for the creation of vaccines, resins, biofuels, and cultivated proteins.

The event has been held in collaboration with IAAS ASA Verona, a group of talented students from the University of Verona specializing in agricultural biotechnology. These students, active members of IAAS Italia and IAAS World, embody the future of biotechnology and agricultural sciences.

The agenda of the event offered an overview of Solaris, from its history to its product portfolio. It then focused on the Filtration department.

“The event's agenda reflected a strong history of Solaris within bioprocessing equipment manufacturers and demonstrated its product portfolio. As part of the Donaldson brand, we also focus on providing integrated filtration solutions within its product range. We offered a comprehensive introduction on filtration basics and how it affects various sides of the business within Solaris' addressable market" said Daria Nikolaeva, R&D manager for Bioprocessing Equipment.

Here's a glimpse of the day's agenda:

  1. Welcome to Solaris Biotech by Donaldson
  2. Introduction to Solaris Biotech and overview of our activities
  3. Dive into Solaris Filtration Systems
  4. Guided tour of our facilities and labs
  5. Interactive Q&A session & networking

"We were impressed by the preparation and interest shown by the students towards bioreactors and the technologies behind them. The Open Day was a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and stimulate constructive discussions" said Camilla Gobbi, Solaris' marketing representative.

The initiative aimed to engage the new generations, making them aware of the importance of scientific development and career opportunities in the field of biotechnology. Our event served as a bridge between our seasoned team and the bright minds of tomorrow, fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team members who ensured the success of this event:

  • Giuliana Rebecchi, Area Sales Manager Italy Bioprocessing Equipment
  • Andrea Salamini, Application Engineering Manager
  • Andrea Ferraresi, Assembling and Test
  • Daria Nikolaeva, Manager Engineering
  • Camilla Gobbi, Marketing & Communication Specialist
  • And all the managers involved

Thank you to all who contributed to this enriching experience. The event was a great success, providing students with a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and expand their professional horizons.