Choosing The Right Single Use Bioreactor System

Traditional bioreactors allow for process optimization that leads to improved cell health and product yield. However, the time and cost associated with cleaning and maintaining a traditional bioreactor can be prohibitory for certain applications.

Single Use Bioreactors (SUBs) are now being widely adopted because they eliminate the need for cleaning, which reduces downtime and makes the cGMP process easier.

Use Cases and Advantages of Single Use Bioreactors


  • Mammalian Cell Culture.
  • Vaccine production.
  • Antibody production.
  • T-cell based therapeutics.
  • Stem cells for differentiation studies and cell therapies.
  • Insect cells for protein and vaccine production.

Advantages of SUBs vs. Traditional Bioreactor

  • Makes cGMP process easier, eliminating validation issues because cleaning step is removed.
  • Shorter downtime and turnaround time due to elimination of cleaning steps.
  • Lower risk of batch contamination and cross-contamination.
  • Decreased operating cost and capital (initial) investment, savings on utilities, space, cleaning chemicals, and labor.
  • Quick adoption and modularity of single technologies.
  • Potentially increased production (quick turnover/less downtime.)

Types of Single Use Bioreactors

There are two main types of SUBs: stirred and rocking. This video explains it well:

The technology of bioreactors has improved in leaps and bounds in the last decade.

Major brands of SUBs come in a variety of shapes and configurations, however few of these offer customization, limiting the user’s options for process development. Solaris Biotech USA offers virtually endless options for customization that can help to optimize process and yield, putting power back into the hands of the end user.

Key Advantages of BlackJar + BlackBox SUB System

  • Endlessly customizable.
  • Process optimization (due to custom design.)
  • Scalable.
  • Increased productivity (profusion options available.)
  • Experience/Validation.
  • Materials (All components in media contact are ISO10993, USP class VI certified materials.)
  • Many options for spargers, temperature, stators, impellers, and sensors.
  • Control with BlackBox PCS/Leonardo Software
  • Fully compatible with major single use vessels and PCS on the market like Eppendorf, DASGIP®, Applikon® ,Sartorius®, Finesse®, etc.
  • ThermoBox for temperature regulation.
  • Heating Blanket.
  • Re-Usable Jacket with electrical heaters.
  • Off-gas filter heater.
  • Weight Measurement.
Solaris Blackbox / Blackjar Single Use Bioreactor System | CerCell bioreactors and bags

Features of a Standard Solaris BlackJar Single Use Reactors

  • Available with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for CW and up-flow direction.
  • Available with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for CW for up-flow direction.
  • Available with DO Single-Use-Sensor and/or pH Single-Use-Sensor.
  • 5 x PG 13,5 ports for Re-Usable-Sensor's and/or pre-installed DO and pH Single-Use-Sensors.
  • 1 x elephant ear up-flow type impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 30 degrees, 50 mm from bottom.
  • 4 x 0,8 mm drilled L-macro sparger (max sparge gas pressure 500 mBar.)
  • 12 x small diameter hoses length 900 mm for various inlet and outlet.
  • 1 x gas overlay with sterile filter.
  • 2 x sterile filter on exhaust.
  • SUB outside dimension OD 137 x H 270 mm = 3,2 liter Vessel Volume (VV).
  • For Working Volume (WV) 500 ml will cover sensors, 1.000 ml will cover the impeller.
  • Designed for thermal control with electrical blanket.
  • Designed for operation by the BlackBox Process-Control-System.

Options for Single Use Bioreactor Customization

Solaris provides a range of size and customization options for BlackJar:
500mL | 3.2L | 5.7L | 13L | 16L | 24L | 30L
** All Materials are USP VI Certified. **

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BlackJar and BlackBox Single Use Bioreactor / Fermentor System