SP-Series Pilot Scale Bioreactor + Fermentor

Customizable sterilizable in place solutions

Custom pilot scale bioreactors and fermentors

Solaris welcomes projects requiring customization for specific process requirements. Capabilities in scale up to 30,000 L + allows consistent optimization to vessel, agitation, aeration, etc. at various scales within process development.

Product Details


Benefits of Solaris SP-Series Pilot Scale Bioreactor + Fermentor System:

  • Customize vessel aspect ratio to optimize required gas transfer.
  • Various agitation designs available including bottom entry mag drive, top-mount, etc. designs.
  • Impeller design & configuration relative to the process fully customizable.
  • Ability to customize aeration management system.
  • Explosion proof designs available.
  • Capabilities in "one-off" applications requiring abnormal pressure, chemical, etc. conditions.
  • Accompanied skid design fully customizable.
  • Integration, design, & fabrication of upstream/downstream systems capabilities.
  • Everything available in "standard" M-Series available in SB-series.
  • Pretty much everything customizable.

User-friendly Software

Solaris controlling software offers a simply laid out, yet powerful platform for experimental design planning and process control. The graphical user interface enables the intuitive selection & adjustment of control functions.

Extracted data is compatible with Window Excel, but in addition, Solaris offers a platform where fermentation data can be easily exported in real time & thus managed. This software is included in supply and can be installed on an unlimited number of the client’s PC or laptops.


  • Home screen with Multi-level password protection.
  • Synoptic page also allowing manual operation of components (pumps, valves etc.)
  • Controller page allows easy access to setpoints, current values, control modes, PID customi-zation, alarm limits, etc.
  • SBC-16 manages process phases such as: stand by phase (free use, maintenance); pre-cultivation phase (automatically entered after sterilization, managing the pre-innoculum); and cultivation phase.
  • Trends page allows real time process variable monitoring, comparison, data export, etc. On the graphical interface, up to 6 process and/or set point variables can be viewed simultaneously. Dynamic zooms and graphical configurations within set time frames can be changed interactively.

Solaris Fermentation Manager

Extracted data is compatible with Windows Excel, however, Solaris has also developed a platform where fermentation data can be easily exported in real time & thus managed in various protocols.

Solaris Logic Parser

The Solaris Logic Parser plug-in, integrated to SBC-16 as standard, gives users the additional capability of customized control by relating all available process variables with common conditional statements.