Elara Flat


Uni-direction light photobioreactor

ELARA Flat photobioreactors are ideal for phototrophic organisms like moss, microalgae, bacteria and plant cells. The Flat design allows much higher light intensity control by utilizing uni-directional light source & receiver. The light intensity is dimmable from 0-100% up to 3000 μmol(photon)/m2. Available luminostat mode via radiation sensor.

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Product Details

Lab scale photo-bioreactor | micro algae

Benefits of Solaris Elara Flat Bioreactors

  • Digital online DO, pH, conductivity, &/or ORP sensor management utilizing Hamilton ARC Modbus communication.
  • Peristaltic pump options for feed, pH control, etc.
  • Up to 5 mass flow controllers within PCS cube.
  • Powerful & Intuitive Leonardo Software to control up to 24 units in parallel.
  • Flexible options for data export & management.
  • Remote control access available via PC, tablet and/or smartphone.
  • Asymmetric shape to prevent foam formation
  • Homogeneous light distribution through innovative flat design.
  • Automatic and manual control of light intensity and circadian cycle simulation.
  • Safety pressure relief valve included
  • Compact and modular PCS (350x350x350 mm)
  • Additional options include optical density, dCO2, weight, Thermobox, etc.
  • Process contact materials are borosilicate glass and Super duplex SAF 2507; highly resistant to salty water.
  • Airlift gas mixing design