BlackBox Single Use Bioreactor System

Single Use Bioreactors / Fermentors

Single Use Benchtop bioreactors

BlackBox - The Solaris single use parallel process control platform

The BlackBox PCS offers a versatile & powerful platform for single use systems. There are a multitude of configurations available for various process sensor outputs, thermoregulation & agitator connectivities, etc. BlackBox is compatible with almost any single use vessel. There can be a lot of flexibility with single use vessels.

Fermentation & cell culture configurations are available.

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Solaris Single-Use Vessels

Our single-use vessels are fully configurable and customizable. Pre-sterilized single use ridged wall bioreactors and fermentor sizes are:

  • 500 ml
  • 3.2 L
  • 5.7 L
  • 30 L

Product Details


Solaris BlackBox Single Use Bioreactor System benefits include:

Single Use Fermentors / Bioreactors

  • Eliminate cross contamination risk.
  • Drastically shorten turn around time between runs.
  • BlackBox PCS offers integration of Hamilton ARC SU sensor digital communication as optional.
  • Optical DO in SU luminiphore cap: Visiwell utilizing a standard Visiferm ODO sensor.
  • Various SU pre-calibrated pH sensor options including Hamilton OneFerm.
  • Peristaltic pump options for feed, pH control, etc.
  • Up to 5 mass flow controllers within PCS cube.
  • Various agitation configurations available for SU platform - either bottom magnetic coupled or over-head drive. Agitation power consumption available in software.
  • Compatibility with various thermoregulation methods.
  • Cell density: OD or VCD/permittivity probe integration available.
  • Other parameters available including weight, CO2, etc.
  • Powerful & Intuitive Leonardo Software to control up to 24 units in parallel.
  • Flexible options for data export & management.
  • Remote control access available via PC, tablet and/or smartphone.
  • Vessels are rigid/mono component plastics.
  • 500 ml, 3.2 L, 5.7 L, & 30 L standard configurations for fermentation or cell cultivation applications.
  • Sterilized by high precision E-beam irradiation in dual polyester foil bags.
  • All product contact materials are ISO10993, FDA approved, and/or USP class VI certified.